CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD

This blog contains information on Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. The two have several differences, but also some similarities as well. Both, can be derived from the hemp or marijuana plant. CBD Isolate has zero THC; where as Full-spectrum CBD has trace amounts of THC (the active ingredient that is responsible for the high effect).


They’re two commonly used terms when it comes to CBD products. Full spectrum and CBD - Isolate.

The CBD industry is seemingly being talked about everywhere we go. With federal laws slowly making way for this budding industry; it still has many people confused on what this compound really is. Well, there’s a lot to understand about this industry and today we’re going to touch on two terms you’ve probably already heard. Full-spectrum and Isolate CBD.

First, you must understand what CBD oil is. CBD is a compound (1 of 113 to be exact) that is extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it does not get you high. Cannabidiol is known for its long list of medical benefits that it provides to humans and animals alike. CBD interacts with a system called the endocannabinoid system that regulates some of our most vital functions including our immune system, memory, appetite, pain, and mood.

At the CBD Doctors Shop we strive to write atleast two new blogs a week touching on all things related to hemp and marijuana. Today's blog touched on differences of Full Spectrum CBD oil vs. CBD isolate which is a super processed form of CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As we previously had mentioned CBD is just one of the many other compounds that the marijuana or hemp plant is made up of. Full-spectrum refers to not only CBD but other compounds that are extracted from the plant. This means that there’s a wide range of compounds in your CBD oil other than just CBD. Full-Spectrum oil will typically have trace amounts of THC in it (.3% or less, not enough to get you high), with many other compounds outside of those two. Essentially what you need to know when it comes to Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is that they’re more compounds from the plant that remain in Full-spectrum oil as opposed to CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is exactly how it sounds. It’s “isolated” from the rest of the plant. Meaning that CBD is the only compound you are left with after the extraction process takes place. Isolate products are generally labeled as 99% pure CBD. CBD is the most widely talked about compound right now when it comes to the hemp plant and for good reason. CBD is arguably the most beneficial compound in terms of its medical uses. CBD Isolate comes in a white powder or a mix with MCT Oil to help improve the absorption.

Hemp oil has been around for several years clothing, feeding, and healing. In this article we touched on the differences between Full-spectrum and Isolate CBD.

CBD Isolate vs. Full-spectrum CBD Oil

Now that you better understand the different make-ups; let’s dive into the differences in medical benefits that these two have to offer. Isolate offers a wide range of medical benefits that CBD has to offer. However, there have been several studies conducted that suggest the use of Full-spectrum is more superior than Isolate because of the wider range of health benefits it has to offer.

When you use Full-spectrum you’re getting a multitude of cannabinoids that all have an array of health benefits. While CBD is the most researched and potentially the most medically beneficial compound. They’re still several compounds that have great medical benefits that interact with our endocannabinoid system making Full-spectrum a better choice when it comes to your health. However, they’re many people that don’t like the taste of hemp and that would make CBD Isolate the better option as it has virtually no taste at all. Because of the lack of taste, this also may make CBD Isolate a better option for cooking or mixing it into your drinks.

CBD Isolate is also often said to be more expensive because it goes through more of an extensive refinement process than compared to Full-Spectrum. While you can’t go wrong with either; If you’re okay with the hemp taste it is widely regarded that Full-Spectrum has the most health benefits out of the two.

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