Hemp vs. Marijuana

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A few years ago if someone had shown me this picture my brain would've associated it with the term "pothead". Well, now when I look at it in a whole new light. I look at that plant and I think of healing. That negative assumption I had is what I feel is what's in the majority of American minds today. That's not to say it's the wrong way to think either! I was the same way as I mentioned before. What changed for me is I started educating myself on all the benefits CBD oil may have and then I tried it for myself. I experienced my headaches being washed away; I felt the pain in my body subside. It's been an incredible compound for me and so many others. Recently I've started learning more and more about the differences between the Hemp plant and the Marijuana plant. 

To the naked eye, the Hemp and Marijuana plant look extremely similar. When looking at the two compounds make-up you'll begin to realize just how different the two are. For instance, Hemp has a very low content of THC (.3%, to be exact). While Marijuana has THC content ranging from 15%-40%. Marijuana also features broad leaves, dense buds and has a short, bushy appearance. In stark contrast, Hemp features skinny leaves that are concentrated towards the top of the plant and grows taller and skinnier than Marijuana, with few branches beneath its upper portion.

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Marijuana having such a high percentage of THC effects its legality. As hemp is legal as long as it contains under .3% THC. It's tricky we know. CBD is also found in both Marijuana and Hemp. However, as we mentioned before because of the higher content of THC found in marijuana the plant remains illegal federally. As for CBD derived from hemp, there is nothing to worry about. As long as your CBD is derived from the hemp plant it is completely legal across the U.S.

As many will continue to speculate on which plant is better or worse it may be too early to tell. Both offer a lot of the same physical and mental benefits. However, the biggest difference between the two is the high content of THC in Marijuana will give you the "high effect". As for the hemp plant that is not the case and is just used for its medical uses. As the public starts to learn more and more in regards to the two plants you'll continue to hear more about them and their potential benefits in curing a wide range of ailments. 

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